Monday, November 29, 2010

When you start living in US. you will understand that:

1 - People are far less sexy than they show on TV
2 - Nobody cares that you are a foreigner
3 - You can return anything that you buy to the shop and they will thank you about it
4 - They are much much much more religious than the rest of the world
5 - Nothing is as easy as you were thinking it will be
6 - Big ass and internet shopping both have different meanings in American English
7 - Most of the shops are selling food, The rest are retail stores
8 - If you have no money, you will die (don't try to increase the living days, that would be no fun)
9 - If you have some money, You will waste it
10 - If you have a lot of money, You will stay rich forever

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Anonymous said...

i like it honey