Saturday, April 24, 2004

Too much of traffic here !

In Tehran it is very usual if you waste an hour on a red light cross over or 2 hours going from home to work. Everybody is wasting time in cars. I prefer to go walking to our office and back home . It would be much faster ...

Sorry it has been days that I did not write about politics ( Just poems and so on ). You know it is not that easy to write about politics and I am not that brave. But anyhow for the things that you can not read in the papers :

1 - Regarding Yasin and Sharon Nobody cares about them anyway . My friends in Tehran always get happy when the regime gets sad. Anyhow but I can not say killing of an old man sitting on a wheelchair can make peace. I surely understand the effect of this terrorist attack on Hamas but I don't agree that it is a good idea to achieve a glorious aim through stupid ways. Murder causes murder No more.
2 - Everything is very calm here. People are more exhausted than rebellious ...
3 - I am a little bit frightened about this being hopeless in here, Iranians are more happy people when they talk about politics ...
4 - Regarding the nukes everybody knows that the regime is willing to have one. But technically speaking I think they are too back from the technology to try this (They love to say they can but you must see a governmental factory closely to agree with me, They usually understand nothing there) But I think they are doing their best to buy some ...
5 - Freedom for youngsters and women has been extended much , You can see different styles of hair dressing and clothing in parties or in the street for both sexes. I think they are understanding that if they don't let the youth to fuck each other more easily They will come and fuck them in the ass ...

No more ...
I will try to update very soon .

Monday, April 12, 2004

Thank you !

Here is a Blog of a US citizen living in IRAN I think it would be nice if you have a look.

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