Sunday, December 28, 2003

Writing about the disaster !

I do not want to write what is happening in my country ! I am ashamed to write ! I do not know what does 30,000 people mean to somebody who may come to here frm Australia . But anyhow an earthquake happened and they are all buried alive. This will not redeem their suffer or pains ....

I want to write about the stupidity of people who are ruling us. The popular revoloutonary super humen who are realy a pain in the ass. fuck'em all ! they are just good for ceremonies and no more , while everybody is asking why all of these happen just to us ? to the poor people of this dynasty ? why all this shit happens by gods will while there is no help or future for those who survived ? And who will answer the children who loosed their all famillies because an stuid thought there is no need for earthquake protection in a historic city like BAM ? are we realy destined to be shit ? to be killed ? injured and humillated by the world ? they say we are helpin' the world . haha fuck the world man ! We are shitting our pants with nonesenses and lub lubs of beutiful dreams while the rest of the world is going to the eternity and beyond ...
Where are we ?
What are we doing ?
What would be the result ?
This is the question
And the answer is just one word
"SHIT !!@#"

Thursday, December 25, 2003

I do not like what is happennin around anymore
It looks to me very suspeciouse dramatically unreal and unnaturaly beutiful !
can anybody show me a new world to go ?

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

They Got him !

They got Saddam and I am not happy about that watching the lonely man being visited by a military M.D. I seen him as a poor soldiar not a devil dictator.
He was surely a dictator a day. I remember the day when He started to shoot the scud missles on our houses and when the streets were full of the rumors about our butchered soldirs in the war. In those days he was the good guy for the world nobody asked him about chemical weapons or bio bombs but now everybody knows him as the devil. but what will redeem the pain of the lost fathers for my neighbors or the feeling of missing of a loved one ?
I am not happy ?
What would make me happy ?
If it was never happened ?
I am not sure
Any how
I am not happy ...

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Hey dear sir !

They are censoring me lika lot o others around my country Iran . Help me to brows freely
Thnx ....
Go to this site to see how you can Help !


Saturday, December 06, 2003

Going back to Tehran from the work !
Going back to work from Tehran !
OH ! God how much do I lack an adventure !