Monday, October 28, 2002

She was of us gone !

Russia ! Mother Russia! Me not happy . Know thy sorrow! Know how deep the grief was! Do not cry mother Russia Think about the happy day and growing men

Monday, October 14, 2002

Will a new war happen ever ?

Tarkovski I was watching a rare film I have never seen of him Ivan childhood the name was...
People fighting a war russians were trying to beat nazis of the country movie was chasing a kid named Ivan he was always dangling between his far diaries of childhood paradise and the chaos of his mother and sister being slaughtered by the Nazis and his new life as a front line spy for russians he was always talking of his destiny for a revenge but he always dream of the good old days of childhood, Meanwhile he was accompanied by a kind heart young officer and a lout hero captain. The captaing got killed the boy got lost and the film was abruptly cut to the scene of a berliner office being investigated by the young officer, In the files there he found suddenly his friend's name in one of the black files of the prisoners been murdered in the office dungeon ...
He asks himself
" Shot !
Hanged !
Shot !
Hanged !
Will it be another war after this corruption ?"

I found it funny to answer , Put it here for you to laugh