Thursday, March 27, 2003

The third world war starts and ended !

I found it just now ! Watchin my home TV People were shouting mr W as to be a Hitler and I thought He surely will win thw world not only the sanked Saddam but also his european rivals in France or Germany. Is it the end of it ? I do not know . How much a swalow can now of the sky ? But I know one thing there was a war . It happened , And it ended as Bush wanted that .You know the real winner does not even need to announce ...
The loosers are impatiently waiting for the fourth to come ...

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Happy ?

It is a time for me to keep quiet and let the thing go as it wants , Iranian TV and what I see on the internet are exactly in the opposite US people and the rest of the world are just thinking in opposite . I am feeling it like a mish mash !
I do not knowwho is right ! I am not wise enough to distinguish good from bad I am a normal engineer I am tired of the NEWS I hate the TVs the internet Even I hate my dumb self ! Come on kill others bastards Comen on bomb each other bio each other chemi bomb each other Ali is alone and want to sleep for a min in the world after !

Sunday, March 23, 2003


Living near the boiling blood ! Reporting live fior m the accidant Hay hay man It is a damn nasty world of blood One who is attacking Iraq and one who is defending are the same shit !
I know !
I can feel the lonliness of the iraqi people I know I see what that mean when your brother goes out for war and never comes back ! that is not easy that has never been easy but that is a reality real and sour as the other things happenning in the world.