Saturday, February 12, 2005

Somebody asked me in the chat ...

- asl plz ?
- 26 m Ali
- 2 young ...
- young ?
wer r u frm ?
- 60 TX
- How many wars have u seen ?
- I am 60 wat u think of me I have been in 2 wars
- :))
- y r u laughing ?
- I am jus 26 and I have seen 7 wars around
been bombed
been fought
been attacked by long range missiles
and they say that I will c one of the biggest in the coming yr
- Wow wat a mess ?
- Yeah wat a mess ...
- Any how where r u livin now ?
- :) Tehran

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Saturday, February 05, 2005

There is a War between the rich and Poor !

What will normal people do if Mr. BiG W wants to attack Iran? Good question :)
I am sure Mr.W loves to know about this. He Himself and many in Pentagon specially my very dear donald made our history a failure again. OK OK now jus like naughty boys they want to hide the pee on the carpet with a flower pot. and who cares mommy will buy them another pot. But many poor people dies because the stupid Bush wanted to try his new weapons on Saddam and show his daddy that he is big now. and Now this is his solution for the stupidity hmade in Iraq and made the Mullahs stronger country in the vicinity. proud enough to shut any reformist here and shout out what ever they want to say out. Now Mr. W wants to fix the shit with another ...
OK Mr. Beautiful we begged you not to attack but you did.
Can we try to horrify you ? Do u think it may help ?