Sunday, February 09, 2003

Googlism for BUSH !

bush is the antichrist
bush is the bomb
bush is walking into a trap
bush is irrelevant and must go
bush is right to snub johannesburg
bush is already at war
bush is rewarding terrorism
bush is still running from 9/11
bush is not president
bush is right to refuse world court
bush is winning
bush is bombing on social security
bush is hiring now
bush is presented with a
bush is slipping
bush is on a roll
bush is a moron
bush is easy winner in the schoolhouse
bush is ready for center stage
bush is to pepsi as britney is to corporate responsibilty
bush is the man
bush is shocked
bush is back
bush is still a neophyte
bush is headed to ohio again
bush is right on the environment
bush is bad for america
bush is becoming downright dangerous
bush is no different
bush is half right on foreign
bush is wrong
bush is a poopy
bush is to florida as ken
bush is sworn in
bush is doomed to fail if he doesn't cut
bush is that
bush is a born
bush is demanding to be heard
bush is marching into bin laden's trap by robert fisk
bush is just a mad man with a loaded gun
bush is having 'visions'
bush is also a member of the illuminist
bush is evil
bush is directing a cowardly war
bush is doing to affect women and
bush is right
bush is the
bush is
bush is demanding to be heard the first democrat has declared his candidacy for 2004 hugo young in vermont tuesday august 27
bush is lying
bush is rewarding terrorism by daniel pipes national post june 25
bush is a wanker obeys giant
bush is still running from 9/11 the president's recent evasiveness calls to mind his dodgy behavior in the hours after the terror attacks
bush is not a steward
bush is pregnant erratic policy behavior result of massive hormone surge washington
bush is right to refuse world court in this case
bush is only play
bush is winning by robert b
bush is bombing on social security by robert kuttner web exclusive
bush is hiring
bush is playing russian roulette with palestinians
bush is friend to valley
bush is presented with a prairie dog soft toy at environmental event
bush is captain
bush is slipping new york
bush is on a roll texas gov
bush is demanding to be heardwhat's the buzz hugo young
bush is to florida as ken lay is to enron
bush is engaged in feverish diplomacy to stop an india
bush is glad
bush is winning god still blesses america
bush is to pepsi as britney is to corporate responsibility august 3
bush is a crook posted by
bush is losing credibility fast in the war on terror
bush is indebted to enron?s professional abettors
bush is eyeing 'rogue state' oil
bush is scarier than kim jong
bush is still a neophyte by tim shorrock washington
bush is dreaming
bush is a funny
bush is headed to ohio again the associated
bush is a former member of the company's board of directors
bush is becoming downright dangerous by eric margolis contributing foreign editor toronto sun 7
bush is a hypocrite
bush is in
bush is no different handelsblatt
bush is beating gore
bush is no moderate on environment
bush is routinely unable to string together a coherent sentence to explain his own proposals
bush is to florida as ken lay is to enron by tom rossin special to the democrat it seems gov
bush is abusing both the un and international law

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Powell to Iraq: 'Prove it' !

you see ? it seems that we are still living in 1500. does it remind you of what ? witches trials ! theives ! How it would be if we select fire as the judge !?
How that will work to put the suspects in fire and see if they will burn or not ?
Hay hay Stop it man ! I know we uncivlized , back asians had been a long time treated like this ! but look ! here is America, the freeland, they are devasting what they made and besides they are devasting the goal we were trying to reach !
Do not wanted to say that but US is getting more and more alike the Roman Empire ending . they might have the power or the Powel to order us all. but no country can defeat the human beings all ...

Sunday, February 02, 2003

Damn it !

somebody commented that the columbia explosion might be of terrorists
Have anybody else heard about that ?

Saturday, February 01, 2003

We are here with you columbia !

Seven die in shuttle disaster
Chaos is chaos !
Scientific and humanity chaos happens to the people of the world all , not mentioning their nationality !
As an electronic engineer very much interested in flight industry and as a late fan of columbia shuttle , herewith the little swallow dedicates its appreciation and regard to the space crews families and colleagues .
Martyrs of love and science ! little swallow loves you and wish you a long name in the history , We know what the world have lost and we know we can never gain what we have lost again , many will come after. They will travel beyond the eternity or more but as they are surfing safely they would never forget the men and women paid their life for the everlasting desire of knowing more !
peace be upon you and upon the men and women following this way of love !

Ali The Swallow